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12/2021 Report
ScanMed Corridor (Forum) Meeting on 25 November 2021Details
07/2021 Report
ScanMed Corridor Working Group Meeting on MediterraneanDetails
06/2021 Report
ScanMed Corridor (Forum) Meeting on 24 June 2021Details
05/2021 Report
ScanMed Corridor Working Group Meeting Macroregion "STRING"Details
05/2021 Report
ScanMed Corridor Working Group Meeting Macroregion “Bothnian Gulf"Details
03/2021 Report
15th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
1172020 Report
Joint Working Group Meeting of CNC ScanMed and NSB on new alignment on 24.11.2020Details
07/2020 Report
Video messages from the European Coordinator of the TEN-T Core Network Corridor Scan-Med, Pat Cox Details
11/2019 Report
14th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
07/2019 Report
13th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
11/2018 Report
12th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
08/2018 press clipping
Map of German intermodal terminals 2018Details
10/2017 Report
11th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
12/2016 Report
2nd ScanMed Work Plan of the European Coordinator of the ScanMed Corridor, Mr. Pat CoxDetails
12/2016 Report
9th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
09/2016 Report
8th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
07/2016 Report
Final Report on the Project List of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Core Network CorridorDetails
03/2015 Report
7th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
12/2015 Report
6th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
06/2014 Report
COSMOS project - Intermodal Road MapsDetails
03/2014 Report
02/2013 Press clipping
Joint meeting of the Bulgarian Cluster Green Freight Transport and the COSMOS Partners in SofiaDetails
01/2013 Report
2012 Report on Combined Transport in EuropeDetails
12/2010 Report
2010 Report on Combined Transport in EuropeDetails
11/2010 Press Clipping
New high-frequency intermodal shuttle network to be competing with roadDetails
11/2010 Press Clipping
CREAM - Press release on the occasion of the final conferenceDetails
05/2010 Newsletter
CREAM – 6th CREAM Newsletter publishedDetails
03/2010 Report
DIOMIS II – Management Report on Evolution of intermodal rail/road traffic in Central and Eastern European Countries by 2020Details
06/2009 Report
DIOMIS II – Benchmarking Intermodal Rail Transport in the United States and EuropeDetails
05/2009 Newsletter
CREAM – 5th Newsletter available at the transport logistic 2009Details
02/2009 Report
DIOMIS II – 2005 / 2015 Report on Intermodal Rolling Stock in EuropeDetails
01/2009 Report
DIOMIS II – 2007 Report on Intermodal Rail/Road Transport in EuropeDetails
12/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 4th Newsletter availableDetails
09/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 3rd CREAM Newsletter available at the Innotrans in BerlinDetails
05/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 2nd CREAM Project-Newsletter availableDetails
04/2008 Press clipping
DIOMIS – UIC presents Agenda 2015 for Combined Transport in EuropeDetails
02/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 1st Project-Newsletter publishedDetails
12/2007 Report
BRAVO – Final Report for PublicationDetails
01/2007 Press clipping
CREAM – 1. Official press release of project CREAMDetails
2006 Report
DIOMIS – Workpackage A5: Improving the use of available train lengthDetails
11/2006 Report
DIOMIS – Workpackage A11: Report on Combined Transport In Europe 2005Details
11/2006 Report
DIOMIS - Workpackage A1: Trends in Domestic Combined TransportDetails