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Message from the European Coordinator of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor (english only)

1. An update on the latest developments along the corridor and some insights into our recent activities. You will see that the coordinators activities have not ceased. For the months to come we will continue our activities digitally.

2. A summary of the key findings of the 4th workplan for the ScanMed corridor, which is the result of our combined work over the last two years.

3. An outline of a possible way forward and a road to recovery from the COVID-19 crisis including insights into the next MFF and the Next Generation EU fund.

11/2019 Report
14. Kernnetzkorridor Forum des ScanMed KorridorsDetails
07/2019 Report
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11/2018 Report
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Terminalkarte – Terminals des Kombinierten Verkehr in Deutschland 2018Details
10/2017 Report
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03/2017 Report
Ideas Lab Urban Nodes 2Details
12/2016 Report
2. ScanMed Arbeitsplan (Work Plan) des Europäischen Koordinators des ScanMed Korridors, Herr Pat CoxDetails
12/2016 Report
9. Kernnetzkorridor Forum des ScanMed Korridors Details
11/2016 Press Clipping
Pressemitteilung zum 10-jährigen Bestehen der Terminal Interest Group AGORADetails
09/2016 Report
8. Kernnetzkorridor Forum des ScanMed KorridorsDetails
07/2016 Report
Abschlussbericht zur Projektliste des Skandinavisch-Mediterranen KernnetzkorridorsDetails
03/2016 Report
7. Kernnetzkorridor Forum des ScanMed KorridorsDetails
12/2015 Report
6. Kernnetzkorridor Forum des ScanMed KorridorsDetails
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Warum wurde nichts aus bimodal?Details
06/2014 Report
COSMOS Projekt - Intermodal Road MapsDetails
03/2014 Report
02/2013 Press clipping
COSMOS Partner trafen Vertreter des bulgarischen Green Freight Transport Cluster in SofiaDetails
01/2013 Report
2012 Report über den Kombinierten Verkehr in EuropaDetails
12/2010 Report
2010 Report über den Kombinierten Verkehr in EuropaDetails
11/2010 Press Clipping
Neues Shuttlenetz soll Lkw Konkurrenz machenDetails
11/2010 Press Clipping
CREAM - Presseinformation zur AbschlusskonferenzDetails
05/2010 Newsletter
CREAM – 6. Newsletter veröffentlichtDetails
03/2010 Report
DIOMIS II – Management Report on Evolution of intermodal rail/road traffic in Central and Eastern European Countries by 2020Details
06/2009 Report
DIOMIS II – Benchmarking Intermodal Rail Transport in the United States and EuropeDetails
05/2009 Newsletter
CREAM – 5. Newsletter erhältlich anlässlich der transport logistic 2009Details
02/2009 Report
DIOMIS II – 2005 / 2015 Report on Intermodal Rolling Stock in EuropeDetails
01/2009 Report
DIOMIS II – 2007 Report über den Kombinierten Verkehr in EuropaDetails
12/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 4. Newsletter erhältlichDetails
09/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 3. Newsletter erhältlich anlässlich der Innotrans in BerlinDetails
05/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 2. Newsletter erhältlichDetails
04/2008 Press clipping
DIOMIS – UIC legt Agenda 2015 für den Kombinierten Verkehr in Europa vorDetails
02/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 1. Projekt-Newsletter veröffentlichtDetails
12/2007 Report
BRAVO – AbschlussberichtDetails
01/2007 Press clipping
CREAM – 1. Offizielle Presseinformation zum Start des Projektes CREAMDetails
2006 Report
DIOMIS – Workpackage A5: Improving the use of available train lengthDetails
11/2006 Report
DIOMIS – Workpackage A11: Report on Combined Transport In Europe 2005Details
11/2006 Report
DIOMIS - Workpackage A1: Trends in Domestic Combined TransportDetails