Advisors to the intermodal world

KombiConsult is a management advisory firm specialized in intermodal logistics. First established in December 2000 as an independent subsidiary by Kombiverkehr, the largest and leading intermodal operator in Europe, KombiConsult strives to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation drive both in intermodal industry and conventional rail transport.

Our knowledge assets are based on our expertise and dedicated professionals who provide for practical experience. KombiConsult promotes sustainable freight transports by recommending transport policy options and appropriate measures. We review national and regional investment plans and evaluate regulatory frameworks to ensure a fair market competition and improve freight transport flows.

We provide for strategic management practices to corporate organizations. We assist you in strengthening your corporate strategy development and strategic decision making. Our senior managers help you in designing tailored solutions and executing appropriate business models. We also set up intermodal services to corporate organizations based on the respective national and cultural environment.

In addition, KombiConsult offers comprehensive intermodal terminal development services including master plans and conceptual planning and design layouts. Applying our dedicated experience, KombiConsult continues to build a reputation for terminal innovation solutions and deliver cost-effective, sustainable and reliable terminal development.

KombiConsult, a member of the Logistics Alliance Germany, assists you in taking your freight activities in the right direction and developing a sustainable economy. Our proven record in service quality and pragmatism is what our client depends on.


This is why intermodality is in our DNA and presents our character.


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