Case Studies

Participation in international Research Projects - example CREAM

for several customers (2007 - 2011)
Customer-driven Rail-freight services on a European mega-corridor based on Advanced business and operating Models’s (CREAM)
CREAM corridor
CREAM corridor
CREAM corridor

CREAM connects Northsee and Bosporus with seamless railfreight services. From January 2007 until December 2010, a total of over 30 companies and research institutes are working on improving the international rail freight transport on the European Mega-Corridor between the BeNeLux countries and Turkey as well as Greece. Due to the enlargement of the European Union and the increasing distribution of industrial production sites in recent years this corridor is counted one of the trans-European axis with the highest growth potential in freight transport.


It is planned to develop and demonstrate multiple seamless and road-competitive relations in rail freight and intermodal transport. According to the market requirements of the logistics industry new offers will be developed for the entire corridor as well as for parts of it between economic centres, e.g. in Germany and Romania. The involved partners expect to achieve a modal shift from road to rail of about 200 million tonne-kilometres during the three year project.


The partners are carrying out the works to achieve this ambitious target in the framework of the CREAM-Project, which is supported by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport (DG TREN), in the framework of the 6th Framework Programme. The European Commission has selected the project because it builds bridges between different European regions and transfers best-practices for seamless rail freight services to the new Member States and Candidate Countries.
The companies engaged in CREAM have proved in recent years that this formular works. Based on that know-how the CREAM-Partners intend to increase the reliability and sustainability of rail freight services on this corridor by developing and demonstrating a comprehensive corridor quality management system for the entire corridor.

Service of KombiConsult

KombiConsult is co-coordinator and, in cooperation with HaCon, responsible for the project management. Moreover, the approach of KombiConsult is also technical assistance in several research and technological development activities. Involving all the key players and establishing working groups with all stakeholders relevant are core elements of the project and KombiConsult's philosophy. The corridor management is carried out through an open and flexible platform, in order to maintain and improve the business relationships between all partners and even beyond.


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