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11/2018 Report
12th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
08/2018 press clipping
Map of German intermodal terminals 2018Details
10/2017 Report
11th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
12/2016 Report
2nd ScanMed Work Plan of the European Coordinator of the ScanMed Corridor, Mr. Pat CoxDetails
12/2016 Report
9th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
09/2016 Report
8th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
07/2016 Report
Final Report on the Project List of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Core Network CorridorDetails
03/2015 Report
7th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
12/2015 Report
6th ScanMed Corridor Forum MeetingDetails
06/2014 Report
COSMOS project - Intermodal Road MapsDetails
03/2014 Report
02/2013 Press clipping
Joint meeting of the Bulgarian Cluster Green Freight Transport and the COSMOS Partners in SofiaDetails
01/2013 Report
2012 Report on Combined Transport in EuropeDetails
12/2010 Report
2010 Report on Combined Transport in EuropeDetails
11/2010 Press Clipping
New high-frequency intermodal shuttle network to be competing with roadDetails
11/2010 Press Clipping
CREAM - Press release on the occasion of the final conference

As a benefit of the European Research project CREAM, about 950 mill. tkm will be shifted from road to rail on the corridor Rotterdam/Antwerp - Greece/Turkey in the current year. This is more than 400% than expected at the beginning of the project in 2007, explained the consulting companies in charge, HaCon and KombiConsult, on the final conference on 4 November 2010, in Brussels.


During the four years of the project, a total of 2,2 billion tkm were transported on rail on this corridor, additionally.


25 companies from 12 countries participated in CREAM, with the aim to increase the effectiveness of rail. This was achieved by e.g. the use of multisystem locos, shortened border crossing procedures, alternative routings via short sea, a train monitoring system with status quo information, and innovative technologies for carrying ordinary semi trailers in unaccompanied intermodal transport.


A detailed press release can be downloaded here.

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05/2010 Newsletter
CREAM – 6th CREAM Newsletter publishedDetails
03/2010 Report
DIOMIS II – Management Report on Evolution of intermodal rail/road traffic in Central and Eastern European Countries by 2020Details
06/2009 Report
DIOMIS II – Benchmarking Intermodal Rail Transport in the United States and EuropeDetails
05/2009 Newsletter
CREAM – 5th Newsletter available at the transport logistic 2009Details
02/2009 Report
DIOMIS II – 2005 / 2015 Report on Intermodal Rolling Stock in EuropeDetails
01/2009 Report
DIOMIS II – 2007 Report on Intermodal Rail/Road Transport in EuropeDetails
12/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 4th Newsletter availableDetails
09/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 3rd CREAM Newsletter available at the Innotrans in BerlinDetails
05/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 2nd CREAM Project-Newsletter availableDetails
04/2008 Press clipping
DIOMIS – UIC presents Agenda 2015 for Combined Transport in EuropeDetails
02/2008 Newsletter
CREAM – 1st Project-Newsletter publishedDetails
12/2007 Report
BRAVO – Final Report for PublicationDetails
01/2007 Press clipping
CREAM – 1. Official press release of project CREAMDetails
2006 Report
DIOMIS – Workpackage A5: Improving the use of available train lengthDetails
11/2006 Report
DIOMIS – Workpackage A11: Report on Combined Transport In Europe 2005Details
11/2006 Report
DIOMIS - Workpackage A1: Trends in Domestic Combined TransportDetails