Scope of Services




 In recent years, freight transportation has become a central issue in transport policy. The growth of freight volumes and market trends has contributed to introducing new policies and regulations. The aim is to ensure a competitive market drive, improve freight transport flows and reduce negative impact on environment and residential areas.

 In view of this situation, KombiConsult’s team of professional advisors provide for a broad experience dedicated to ensuring a fair market competition between different transport modes. We promote for a sustainable freight transport by recommending policy options and reasonable measures, particularly to governmental bodies and associations.


 Based on our practical track record, KombiConsult reviews transport infrastructure investment plans and advices policy decision makers on strategic and transport policy issues. Our advisory services encompass all aspects of intermodal and multimodal transport policy, including


  • national transport master plan

  • evaluation of regulatory framework

  • investment plan for transport  infrastructure

  • development of programs and action plans

  • evaluation and proposal of policy options and measures

  • PPP advisory


Our team supported by practical experiences strives to provide the best quality of services and ensure the right investment choice and policy options are made for a better and sustainable future.



 Successful corporate organisations set goals to clarify the vision of their business. They draw and implement corporate strategies to achieve business objectives. However, portfolio strategies should be consistently reviewed in order to face the today’s dynamic markets and challenging technologies. Corporate organisations often struggle between operational excellence and strategy, creating a challenging situation to reconcile the short term tactical moves with long-term strategic goals.


 As your delivery partner on drawing corporate strategy, KombiConsult addresses the entire span of required elements for peak performance, including the improvement of financial and operational processes, and the alignment of employees with the corporate strategy. Applying KombiConsult’s business transfer knowledge and change management methodologies, our senior managers help in designing solutions and executing tailored business models. We also set up intermodal services to corporate organizations based on the respective national legal and cultural environment.


Our Strategy & Management advisory services range from strategic advice and performance management, through all aspects of developing a sustainable corporate organisation. This includes also the


  • evaluation and development of business model
  • development of operational network design
  • development of business case
  • set up of intermodal freight services
  • market positioning


 KombiConsult helps in determining how best to invest in, develop high quality services and deliver customer satisfaction.



  In today’s economy and due to the new market requirements of the logistics industry, clients are charged with developing programs and action plans. In view of this situation, KombiConsult provides entire project management services, including project scheduling and delivery, cost-estimations, risk management and drive performance-based results to clients across the globe.


  We help our clients to improve and demonstrate competitive relations in rail freight and intermodal transport. Based on our business knowledge and practical expertise, we also support workloads and enable corporate organisations to scale resources to successfully deliver complex projects throughout the freight transport corridors. Our project management consultancy services include


  • research and development projects
  • organisation and moderation of round tables, workshops and conferences


 KombiConsult has a track record of experience with proven methods and tools. We ensure our clients are tackled appropriately and effectively.



 When it comes to the development of intermodal (also multimodal) logistics as well as logistics network design, and selection of logistics centres, KombiConsult has the logistics and transportation expertise to perform at your best requirements at national and international level.


 Our intermodal logistics advisory services combine our business knowledge with market stakeholders to deliver a wide range of intermodal supply chain solutions. We take a proactive approach to our client requirements and face the market challenges by improving the operational intermodal network, reliability, safety issues, and interoperability. Working in close collaboration with clients, we help the intermodal industry in establishing and expanding new intermodal logistics services. Our scope of services include also


  • feasibility and evaluation of shared logistics hubs and infrastructure

  • production processes and systems

  • support dialogue on Green Logistics



 KombiConsult has a profound understanding of land and inland waterway freight transportation and strong background in market research. We provide clients from the private and public sector with accurate information from which quality insights can be derived for further business needs.


 Our advisory services encompass all aspects of intermodal and multimodal market intelligence, including

  • market survey and forecasting
  • freight corridor analysis
  • trends and opportunities
  • cost-benefit analysis
  • cost-Revenue analysis
  • impact analysis and assessment
  • socio-politics analysis   



 Since 2001, KombiConsult’s planner and economics team has served as the market and terminal advisers to German and European operators, national and regional governmental authorities, and Ministries of Transport, providing feasibility studies, development programs, planning for facility operation, and technology application. We have provided hundreds of projects, particularly in designing and planning of new container terminal layouts (also known as "dry ports") and modernization as well as enlargement of existing terminals.


Our terminal planning and design expertise include specialities such as site selection and capacity evaluation. In addition, KombiConsult offers comprehensive development terminal services including


  • terminal master planning
  • bottleneck analysis
  • container handling equipment
  • terminal handbook development
  • quality management system
  • security assessment
  • application for subsidy
  • tendering process for terminal operator


Moreover, our comprehensive business knowledge led to the development of several software tools that support our daily work concerning terminal dimensioning as well as calculation of terminals' energy consumption and emissions caused by terminal operations.



 Research activities are fundamental for further developments in the intermodal industry, being necessary for improving the efficiency and maintaining competitive market position within the intermodal supply chains. In today’s world, clients are seeking to improve the energy consumption of their asset fleet and handling equipment and also to reduce environmental emissions.

  The R&D business field of KombiConsult, accompanied with pragmatism and scientific methodology, provides a holistic and technological approach by offering cost-competitive solutions and market acceptance. Moreover, our comprehensive business knowledge led to the development of several software tools that support our daily work concerning terminal dimensioning as well as calculation of terminals' energy consumption and emissions caused by terminal operations.

 KombiConsult offers research and publication services for the following subjects:


  • cargo handling technology
  • terminal and rail wagon technology
  • journal articles
  • scientific publications



 You are only as strong as your competent employees and teams. Knowing how and what to coach your employees is essential to your successful corporate organization and daily operation.


 Working alongside with your key staff and across your organization, KombiConsult sets expectations and adopts the right coaching mind-set. We develop tailor-made workshops and training projects backed by our practical expertise in order to get the most value from your staff.