About us

KombiConsult is a management advisory firm specialized in sustainable intermodal logistics. Our motto: “Intermodal logistics is our DNA”, because we strive to strengthen intermodality of the logistics industry and thereby increasing the productivity and environmental friendliness of freight transport. To do this, we combine many years of practical experience, technological know-how and market knowledge with scientific methodologies. This ensures creative and customer-oriented solutions.

Since our foundation in 2000, we have been developed and implemented a wide range of intermodal logistics concepts with freight forwarders, shippers, railways, intermodal operators, ports, and terminal operators. We have also supported transport ministries and international organisations with strategic and transport policy tasks. Here – as with multinational research and development projects – our pragmatic consulting approach is the decisive success factor.

Our Team

We are a team of seven experts specialised in the fields of economics, traffic engineering, geography and digitalisation.

Jannik Barth
M.Sc. Industrial engineering and economics

Rico Bode
M.Sc. Traffic and transport

Dirk Geyer
Diploma Business Administration

Kai Petri
Diploma Business Administration

Viktoria Präg-Jähn
Diploma Business Administration

Klaus-Uwe Sondermann
Diploma Geograph

Christina Wölfert
Diploma Traffic Engineer

Business fields

We strive to strengthen the innovation and efficiency of the intermodal logistics industry. How we can contribute to this with our business fields “intermodal logistics”, “market research”, “framework”, “and digitalisation”, you will learn more about here. Based on our many years of experience and project work, we offer you customer-oriented solutions for your individual requirements.

Intermodal logistics is the core competence of KombiConsult, successfully applied and proven in numerous national and international projects. Due to the close networking with the market players, our logistics consultants are very familiar with the current developments and have an overarching understanding of the logistics sector, which is an advantage for our customers when solving a wide range of problems.

In doing so, we pursue a proactive approach to fully meet the wishes of our customers. We meet the challenges of the market by optimizing processes and continuously improving reliability, security, and interoperability. In close cooperation with our customers, we plan new intermodal services and the expansion of existing services. Our portfolio includes:

  • Development of intermodal freight transport services
  • Terminal and siding planning including transhipment facilities and equipment
  • Acquisition of fundings from national and international sources
  • Feasibility and bottleneck analysis of intermodal transport chains and terminal processes
  • Development of terminal manuals and terms of use
  • Implementation of procurement procedures for the operation of terminals
  • Feasibility studies and evaluation of “Shared Logistics Centers” and other shared infrastructures
  • Planning of production processes and systems
  • Advice on topics for “Green Logistics”

KombiConsult is characterized by a sound knowledge of land freight transport and a strong understanding of the market. We make this knowledge available in studies on a variety of topics. The precise and reliable knowledge provides our customers with valuable information that can be useful for their future business development.

Our consulting services cover all aspects of intermodal market research, in particular:

  • Market studies and forecasts, research projects
  • Analysis of transport corridors
  • Economic analysis / cost-benefit and cost-income analyses
  • Market trends and opportunities
  • Impact analysis and evaluation
  • Organization and moderation of round tables, seminars and conferences
  • Socio-economic studies
  • Evaluation, research, and development of intermodal technologies

In recent years, freight transport has increasingly become the focus of transport policy. The increased volume of goods traffic and other market developments led to the enactment of new laws and regulations. Their goal is to maintain free competition, improve freight traffic flows and reduce negative impacts on the environment and settlement areas.

In this regard, the KombiConsult consultant team has extensive experience geared towards fair competition between the various modes of transport. For us, when recommending transport policy approaches and measures – especially for ministries and other public clients – future-proof and sustainable freight transport is always our main focus.

Our references include examining transport infrastructure investment plans as well as advising decision-makers on strategic and transport policy issues. Our consulting services cover all aspects of intermodal transport policy, e.g.:

  • Preparation of national transport plans
  • Evaluation of legal framework conditions
  • Investment plans for transport infrastructure
  • Development of concepts and action plans
  • Evaluation and recommendation of political approaches and measures
  • Advice on public-private partnerships
  • Providing and training intermodal “know-how”
  • Development and design of operational networks

Aware of the scarcity of our resources, we analyze and design process flows for you. For this purpose, we use digital technologies to improve efficiency and sustainability. When optimizing the design of process flows, we combine our know-how from practice with our knowledge of BPM and archiving systems and agile project management. We also use digital technologies in other projects.

For example, to better utilize the wagon capacity deployed, we are exploring the use of AI to better manage the complex framework. In the Ecohubs project, we made the carbon footprint of combined transport terminals measurable by developing a proprietary application, and we were responsible for the project management for the design and implementation of a data hub. Our employees are committed to analyzing, redesigning and digitally mapping existing processes. Our portfolio of services consists of:

  • Consulting on the digitalization and sustainable design of processes, particularly in the intermodal transport chain;
  • Agile project management;
  • Consulting on the use of BPM and archiving systems

Consulting partners

Gut vernetzt ist halb gewonnen. Wir verfügen über ein starkes und breit aufgestelltes Partnernetzwerk, um Ihnen als Kunde ein noch größeres Spektrum an Lösungen zu bieten. Here you will find a selection of our long-standing consulting partners with whom we are already successfully working.

Customer portfolio

We offer a wide range of individual services for our customers. As a result, our customer spectrum, consisting of many private, commercial and institutional clients, is very diverse. See for yourself.

Governmental Bodies & Federal/Local Associations

BAV – Bundesamt für Verkehr, Bern (CH)

BMDV – Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (DE)

COMCEC – Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of OIC, Ankara (TR)

DGITM – Ministry of Transport, Paris (FR)

European Commission, DG MOVE, Bruxelles (BE)

LISt – Gesellschaft für Verkehrswesen und ingenieurtechnische Dienstleistungen mbH, Hainichen (DE)

Provincial Government of Tyrol, Innsbruck (AT)

Industry Associations

BöB – Federal Association of Inland Ports, Berlin (DE)

CER – Community of European Railway & Infrastructure Companies, Bruxelles (BE)

STRING Network, Sorø (DK)

UIC – International Union of Railways, Paris (FR)

UIRR – International Union for Road-Rail Combined Transport, Bruxelles (BE)

VDV – Association of German Transport Companies, Köln (DE)

Infrastructure Managers

A22 Autostrada del Brennero, Trento (IT)

BASF Schwarzheide GmbH, Schwarzheide (DE)

DB Netze, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

EEIG Rail Freight Corridor 1, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

IBB Industriebahnhof Stade-Brunshausen GmbH, Stade (DE)

Jernhusen AB, Stockholm (SE)

PKV – Planungsgesellschaft Kombinierter Verkehr Duisburg mbH, Duisburg (DE)

RegioInvest Inn-Salzach GmbH, Burghausen (DE)

SBB Netz, Bern (CH)

Wirtschaftsförderung Region Kassel GmbH, Kassel (DE)

Intermodal Operators

CEMAT S.p.A., Mailand (IT)

DB Intermodal Services GmbH, Mainz (DE)

Hannibal/Sogemar, Mailand (IT)

IFB – Inter Ferry Boats, Antwerpen (BE)

Kombiverkehr Deutsche Gesellschaft für kombinierten Güterverkehr mbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

Novatrans, Paris (FR)

Railway Undertakings

DB Cargo AG, Mainz (DE)

DB Schenker Rail, Mainz (DE)

Etihad Rail Company, Abu Dhabi (AE)

Lokomotion Gesellschaft für Schienentraktion mbH, München (DE)

Rail Cargo Austria, Wien (AT)

RTC – Rail Traction Company SpA, Bozen (IT)

SBB Cargo Deutschland GmbH, Duisburg (DE)

Terminal Operators

Combinant NV, Antwerpen (BE)

Container Terminal Herne GmbH, Herne (DE)

Contargo AG, Mannheim (DE)

DUSS – Deutsche Umschlaggesellschaft Schiene-Straße mbH, Bodenheim (DE)

Hupac SpA, Busto Arsizio (IT)

Hupac Transport GmbH, Singen (DE)

KTL – Kombi-Terminal Ludwigshafen GmbH, Ludwigshafen am Rhein (DE)

Interporto Bologna SpA, Bologna (IT)

ÖBB Terminal Services Austria, Wien (AT)

RSC Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)

Swissterminal, Frenkendorf (CH)

WienCont, Wien (AT)

Inland & Sea Ports

Antwerp Port Authority, Antwerpen (BE)

Dortmunder Hafen AG, Dortmund (DE)

Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln AG, Köln (DE)

Inland Ports of Krefeld, Ludwigshafen, Mannheim & Neuss-Düsseldorf (DE)

Eurogate GmbH & Co. KGaA, KG, Bremerhaven/Hamburg/Wilhelmshaven (DE)


LHG – Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft mbH, Lübeck (DE)


Stadtwerke Dortmund AG, Dortmund (DE)

Logistics Service Providers

Bertschi AG, Dürrenäsch (CH)

DB Cargo Logistics GmbH, Kelsterbach (DE)

DHL Freight GmbH, Hannover (DE)

Ekol Logistics, Istanbul (TR)

Hangartner AG, Aarau (CH)

Hellmann GmbH & Co. KG, Osnabrück (DE)

Hoyer GmbH Internationale Fachspedition, Hamburg (DE)

J. Müller Weser GmbH & Co. KG, Bremen (DE)

Lanfer Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Meppen (DE)

Löblein Transport GmbH, Schillingsfürst (DE)

Karl Schmidt Spedition GmbH & Co. KG, Heilbronn (DE)

Klumpp + Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Kehl (DE)

Mitsui MRCE LogNet B.V., Amsterdam (NL)

Paneuropa GmbH, Vechta (DE)

Winner Spedition GmbH & Co. KG, Iserlohn (DE)


BASF SE, Ludwigshafen am Rhein (DE)

Ferriera Cattaneo SA, Giubiasco (CH)

Jäckering Mühlen- und Nährmittelwerke GmbH, Hamm (DE)

Professional associations

Our commitment does not stop with the customer. We support the work of interest groups and professional associations to keep promoting the logistics and transport industry. Here you can find the professional associations of which KombiConsult is a member.