From Scratch: Assistance in the planning, funding and operation of intermodal terminals

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Intermodal terminals are the hubs of combined transport, which is becoming increasingly important in European land transport and seaport-hinterland transport. Since the growth in freight traffic can no longer be accommodated by the road infrastructure, efficient rail freight and inland waterway systems are needed. Consequently, efficient intermodal terminals are an essential part of sustainable transport policy.

What do we offer?

We offer a complete package of consultancy services on the development, financing and management of intermodal terminals.

Our Services

  • Location and market studies
  • Dimensioning, layout development, variant comparison
  • Terminal process organization
  • Operating concept and profitability analysis
  • Application for funding, e.g.: according to the guidelines for the funding of transshipment facilities of combined transport in Germany or to the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (BAV) according to the Swiss funding measure
  • Tendering of terminal operation, preparation of terms of use
  • Project management in terms of timing, budget and project resources

KombiConsult can refer to a large number of terminal projects for various clients. We also have an extensive network of terminal managers and have also initiated a working group called AGORA, in which terminal managers regularly exchange ideas. Over the years, terminal operators have developed and shared a variety of “good practices” on how to improve service quality and the efficiency of intermodal terminals.

Are you planning a similar project? Contact us today to discuss your plans or to receive further information. Your contact person, Mr. Klaus-Uwe Sondermann, will be happy to assist you.

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