European terminal operators convinced by Nexxiot’s Kingpin Monitor

In June 2021, Nexxiot presented the Kingpin Monitor in collaboration with VTG. This maintenance-free sensor set is designed to improve safety in intermodal transport activities. When semi-trailers are being loaded onto pocket wagons, the display’s LED lights provide employees with a clear visual indication of the loading status. Representatives of AGORA Intermodal Terminals, a working group of European terminal operators, were given a detailed impression of the Nexxiot innovation during a trial loading under working conditions at the DUSS terminal in Hamburg-Billwerder. The participants were particularly convinced by the excellent implementation of the display and the easy handling of the Kingpin monitor

The handling of semi-trailers on pocket wagons in combined transport requires great diligence. Adverse conditions, such as high winds or other extreme weather conditions, or an incorrectly placed kingpin, can compromise loading safety if not checked carefully. Nexxiot’s Kingpin Monitor solution uses technology to address these challenges.

The Kingpin sensor detects whether the kingpin is engaged and whether the hitch status is open or locked. This provides real-time information on the status of the semi-trailer to employees on site as well as to dispatchers and decision-makers who have access to the data via the Nexxiot Logistics Cloud.

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About AGORA Intermodal Terminals

The AGORA Intermodal Terminals Working Group was established in 2011 as a result of an EU project. The approach of the working group is to bring together terminal operators in order to promote the exchange of information and ideas and joint learning with regard to “good practices” in terminal management, increasing terminal capacities and improving interaction with CT operators, rail transport companies and other CT stakeholders. The office of AGORA is managed by KombiConsult GmbH, Frankfurt am Main.