AGORA Online-database- over 400 terminals online

The interactive intermodal terminal database, which has been developed within the framework of the AGORA project and was launched in September 2010, offers a standardized access, presentation and information of intermodal terminals in Europe. It is the aim of KombiConsult to expand the database geographically and from the content perspective continuously. Next to the mapping of the location, contact details are displayed and users get access to infrastructural and operative indicators of the terminals.

With an open layout and innovative features, KombiConsult, manager of the intermodal terminal database, was the first to provide a European platform for these important infrastructure installations.

KombiConsult seeks to keep the database updated and to extend furthermore. If terminal operators should miss “their” terminal or can provide updated information in the meanwhile, they are invited to request an entry or update via an integrated form.

Access to the interactive database and information on the respective intermodal terminals is provided at the following link:


In the AGORA group operators of important European intermodal terminals are working together in the continuous improvement of their terminals’ efficiency. You can find more information here.

KombiConsult is an independent consultancy specialized in all aspects of intermodal transport.