New directive for the funding of intermodal terminals approved by the EU

After the last valid directive expired on September 30, 2022, the EU Commission has now approved the extension of the “Directive on the Funding of Combined Transport Transshipment Facilities of Non-Federally Owned Enterprises”. The directive serves the overall goal of shifting freight transport from road to the more environmentally friendly modes of rail and waterway. As a result, the German government can continue to support intermodal transport in the context of new construction, expansion and, more recently, replacement of CT transhipment facilities until the end of 2026. In addition, the Commission has approved an increase in the budget by €388.5 million to a total of approximately €1.5 billion since 2002.

The maximum funding rate of 80% remains unchanged.

KombiConsult, itself successfully active in applying for subsidies as a service provider for various clients in the transport sector, is also available for specific terminal projects.

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