17th ScanMed Corridor Meeting, September 28, 2022

Dear participants and interested parties of the ScanMed Corridor,

the 17th corridor meeting for the ScanMed corridor was held on September 28, 2022. We hereby provide you with the possibility to download the presentations held.


1_2022-09-28 TEN-T Westlink Karin Malmquist contact.pdf

2_2022-09-27 Presentazione Brussels Palermo Flora Albano.pdf

3_2022-08-22 Presentazione CEF RELEVANT Forum Corridoio Barbara Rubino.pdf

4_2022-09-28 Presentation CNC Fora TEN-T amended proposal.pdf


6_2022-09-28 CNC Norway Paal Iversen.pdf


In 2014, the European Commission commissioned studies for the expansion of the Core Network Corridors. Since then, KombiConsult has been involved in two of the nine core networks, namely in the ScanMed Corridor (Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor) as Lead Consultant, and in the Rhine-Alpine Corridor as Partner. As a core result of the corridor studies, four work plans per core network have been developed so far and presented to the respective Member States by the respective European Corridor Coordinator. KombiConsult also supports the Commission in preparing, accompanying and following up the meetings of the Corridor Forum and the working groups. Learn more about our activities here.